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Family Business

Here at brains we can offer sound advice for families who require assistance not only with general business issues but also with personal matters. A sound legal understanding of Employment, Taxation and Succession Planning ensure that the often diverse challenges faced by independent businesses are met with confidence. It is often easy to carry on, generation after generation, without reviewing the position of a family firm, which can prove disastrous for both the business and its owners. 

Here at brains we can ensure your legal needs are met without fuss and without bombarding you with legal jargon that confuses rather than informs.  We will provide you with advice or required documentation for a fixed fee, enabling you to budget your business expenses more accurately. We strive to deal with all issues quickly and efficiently so that your business can reap the benefits as soon as possible,

It is taken as read that any lawyer you instruct should know the law, after all that’s their job. In business you need to feel assured that your lawyers are commercially adept and recognise the importance of achieving the right results for your business.