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Children\'s Welfare

Making Making choices about children\'s living arrangements following parental break-ups can be traumatic for the whole family. At brains Solicitors, we recognise the importance of reaching the right decisions over custody and access as quickly as possible, to minimise disruption to all concerned.

In such situations, the law is primarily concerned with the well-being of children, and we can advise parents or guardians on their best course of action with respect to the various Orders the Court can enforce including Parental Responsibility, Contact, Residences (previously known as Custody), Prohibited Steps and Specific Issue.

We can assist with negotiations between ex-partners and offer representation in Children Act proceedings through the Courts.

Custody and Contact

With what parent a child is to live and the contact that s/he is to have with the other parent are two issues, previously referred to as custody and access, that we can assist either parent with here at brains Solicitors. Whether you are the child’s mother or father or stepparent we can assist you in finding a solution to the arrangements for the custody and access of the child, whether through negotiation, mediation or Court proceedings. In the event of there being Court proceedings in respect of the arrangements for the child we can advise you as to the various Orders that can be made in the family Courts and guide you through the entire Court process.

Grandparents\' Rights

When parents grow apart and decide to live separate lives, the effect upon the immediate family unit is usually plain for all to see, and equally easy to emphathise with. The unseen victims are often the grandparents, who are liable to suffer the anguish of being denied contact with their grandchildren.

Fortunately, there are legal steps by which grandparents can appeal for access rights and brains Solicitors are fully conversant with the application process necessary to pursue contact through the Court.

Special Guardianship

Following some family break-ups – usually those of an acrimonious nature – it is found that neither of the parents or guardians can provide a stable home environment for their children, but are unwilling to allow their off-spring to be adopted.
In such cases, a Special Guardianship Order can be invoked.

Its purpose is to provide a permanent home for children, under the care of an elected \'special guardian\' without removing parental responsibility from either of the child\'s natural mother or father.

Although a relatively new legal concept, brains Solicitors\' Family Team can offer comprehensive advice to separated parents who feel they can no longer provide a suitable home in which to raise their children.